Thursday, 7 June 2007


It's half two in the afternoon and I'm in bed.

Last night was spent on a bar crawl and meal in a nice little town near here called Beverley with about 30 people, before hopping back onto the coach and to the union for dancing and general staggering about. It was such a good night. It started at 5pm and I dragged myself into bed at around 4 this morning. Yowch.

It appears although I'm getting sensible in my 22nd year of life, it's apparently not sensible enough as here I am, laid in bed absolutely knackered and feeling a liiiittttle bit dodgy to say the least. It's been a fairly productive day I feel: I've got up, eaten, mocked the people on Bargain Hunt before declaring myself unfit for even for television viewage, then I had a shower and have since returned to my pit to wallow in my sea of duvet and last night's clothes.

Last night was on of those nights where despite the drinking about 8 vodka lemonades, half a bottle of wine and more than recommended amounts of Charlemaign given out to everyone on the way home (not, I repeat, not champagne), I didn't get absolutely obliterated to the point of 'Oh cow-balls, I can't walk' but instead, me and the housemate danced away with everyone til the end, despite saying goodbye about 3 times meaning to go home but never quite making it out the door.

Even better news, I managed to avoid speaking to the PITA all night. That is, of course, if you don't count when we were all walking towards our tables for the meal and she, realising that offers to sit with her for dinner were looking a bit sparse, made a beeline for me.

"Jo! I don't think I've spoken to you all night"
"Oh, haven't you?"
"You don't sound too bothered about that, haha"
"Oh, don't I? I'll try harder next time."

...I think she got the message.

I took a seat next to the boyfriend, his mate from home and Very Drunk Friend (who later skipped dinner in favour of putting her head down the loo. Nice.) and had a completely PITA free night. Hurrah for bluntness.

Plan for the day? A whole lot of nothing. Adios.


the boy who likes to... said...

Sweet sweet plan of nothing.
I havent played out that long for a while. Although Creamfields is coming up....I dont think Ill be able to do the whole staying-up-for-a-long-time-getting-drunk-thing-anymore.

Hannah said...

Ah. I LOVE being a student during vacations... Enjoy.

Bec said...

Wow, an 11 hour outness. Beautiful. I miss that so much. Usually I am craving slippers and bed about 11 o'clock and then I get home and want to go back out again. I've learnt now.

And, come on, making fun of the people on Bargain Hunt - isn't that a little like shooting fish in a barrel?

Steph said...

You have to be blunt with people like that. Being subtle and polite just doesn't work, so good for you having a PITA free night.

Jo said...

the boy- I had myself down as 'past it' before this week...i've surprised myself with my willingness to drink, it's been a while.

hannah - I intend to, wahooooooooo

bec - yeah same! but i've had a new lease of life this week, love it...

steph, i concur. blunt is the only way to get through to her. rumour has it the silly moose is now harrassing our other mate regularly now. teehee.


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