Saturday, 9 June 2007

Hungover (again)

I've started the beginning of this post about five times, and keep deleting what I've written and putting something else, my brain is a little bit scatty at the moment. What I'm trying to say, as I lie here at 12pm in bed for the third day running, the floor of my room absolutely covered in clothes, shoes, you name that the last few days have been mental mental chicken oriental. After Wednesday's bar crawl, Thursday saw me recovering just in time to get to Ests birthday shenanigans at her house. 'Oh I'm not drinking much tonight, I'm knackered' I proclaimed as I walked through the door, bottle of wine in hand at half 7. When I left, suitably pissed on wine, beer and yummy cranberry flavoured vodka 7 hours later, I staggered out the door with a 'mrrrrhhhhh' and tottered home to face Hangover II on Friday.

Now last night was probably the best house party I've ever been to. The ten people who live in this house have these parties every now and then, £7 on the door then free bar all night, all the rooms draped and decked out with lights, DJs playing sets throughout the night, gazebos and sofas in the garden....and did I mention a H'ACTUAL bar? Like they've built one in their living room....they even had loo paper in the toilets all night, yes girls - it's that good.

It was nicely busy all night, then got rammed about 2am as the clubs kicked out and it was one of those atmospheres where everyone knows someone, no trouble, just everyone pissed or off their little trolleys on whatever drinking, chilling or err...dancing like a mentalist to hard house. Ahem.

Through the curtained windows I saw hints of daylight but the party was still in full effect, so a load of us stayed til the very complacent kick out time at around, err...well I'm not exactly sure. But it was an amazing night, finished off by me jumping into a hedge (for fun), getting super disorientated on the way home and not recognising the area I've lived for the last 3 years, and then fish fingers and pita bread (not that PITA) with the housemate til bed around 6am.

No rest for the wicked - house party III kicks off tonight at the boyfriend's house, it's been nice knowing you folks. See you in 2 weeks when I wake up.


the boy who likes to... said...

Sounds like a great house party. I need to get me an invitation.

Never tried fish fingers on pita bread. Although I do like a fish finger (with ketchup) sarnie now and then.

Jo said...

it was an immense party. hard house has never sounded so good.


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