Monday, 4 June 2007

How my dress caused a fight

Had the ball on Saturday, absolutely brilliant night...felt a zillion pounds in my dress and shoes with my hair done and a litre of self tan slathered over myself. So don't think that the incident I'm about to relate in any way spoilt my night, it was just a blemish and it could have been alot worse. Let me explain.

Now the boyfriend hasn't had a day without me doing a little countdown on the days leading up to the ball.

'Oooh! Three days to go!!'
'Two days til I get to wear my dress!!!!!'
'One day til I get to wear my dress!!!!!'

Safe to say, he recognised the importance of the day, not because it marked the end of my time at university, but because I got to wear the dress that I've been pining for since I bought it three weeks ago. Whenever I've felt down, on goes the dress. It's just one of those items of clothing that makes you feel am-a-zing. So it gets to about 1am, the dress is hitherto unscathed by the copious amounts of rosé and red wine / snakebite floating around the ball and me and the boyfriend sneak off and decide to catch a bit of Zane Lowe's set in the main club. In we walk, towards the dancefloor, white wine in hand, and BASH. Some absolute arsewipe (male) barges straight into me, sends my wine flying all over my front and carries on without a hint of recognition for the atrocity he has just committed.

The boyfriend sees all this and, seeing the look of rage on my face, walks up to the bloke and says 'Mate, you've just bashed into my girlfriend and spilt her wine all down her new dress'. To which the bloke looks a bit confused, so my boyfriend asks him to apologise, he refuses, over come his equally hideous friends who evidently try to get involved too.

Now up to this point only about 30 seconds have passed. Within the next 10 seconds, my boyfriend's been punched and is on the floor having been set on by these four blokes who are laying into him, sending various parts of his tux flying never to be seen again. I surge forward screaming GET OFF MY BOYFRIEND and various other swear words...grab the hair of one of the blokes and pull. Hard. Now who said girl's fighting techniques were rubbish? Up gets the boyfriend, shirt covered in blood, he's got a bust lip and we both make an exit before the bouncers see fit to chuck everyone involved out.

Cue a fair few tears on my part, a trip to the toilets to clean up on his part, and two double vodkas for both of us. The night continued, and although we were both shocked we enjoyed the rest of the night with our friends (who all wished they'd been there to join in).

What shocked me the most was the speed with which these blokes turned to violence when really, it was just a simple matter that a bit of politeness would have solved. A sorry for bashing into me was all my boyfriend wanted. That would have been fine. Instead, and literally within 30 seconds, out came the fists and it was like watching a pack of dogs get set on something, it was so unnecessary. And who the fuck beats up someone who's just with their girlfriend?

Anyway, like I said we're both fine, but it's definitely made me aware of how dangerous some blokes are once they've had a few to drink, talk about a loss of reason. Why do they do it??


China Blue said...

Goodness me!
Dunno, maybe I'm old and cynical, but I'd wager that something stronger than drink was involved - that attack was just plain nasty. Glad you're both fine, though.

bec said...

Bloody Hell Jo! I half expected that post to end with either "I write this from a jail cell" or "They haven't caught me yet, but I'm gonna kill 'em all."

Major respect to your other half for standing up for you.

And the hair pull - works like a dream, hurts like a bastard. Well done.

the boy who likes to... said...

Sorry to hear your night got off to a bad start. Good to know you didnt let that spoil your night.

Id try and talk a snail out of its shell before resorting to fisticuffs. Couldnt answer why so many people reosrt to it.
I heard this morning about this attack
An elderly woman got beaten up on a bus after her newspaper brushed the arm of her attacker. Some people are just too stupid.

Jo said...
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