Friday, 29 June 2007

Facebook: Keeping You in Contact with Those You Dislike

Uni has finished, everyone has returned to their hometowns...including certain Pain In The Arses who I had hoped to be seeing significantly less of for, err the rest of my life.

Edit: In fact, I just realised I never posted Part II of the P.I.T.A story, so check that out before continuing.

Alas, a little invitation arrived from the dreaded P.I.T.A via the now also dreaded facebook yesterday quite unexpectedly, and possibly in response to my ever changing "status" which regularly comments on the utterly rancid weather:

is the weather reallythat bad? i have to be up in hull to see my lecturer on
tuesday, dya reckon itll be ok by then? if it is i shall take you for lunch
if you so wish

How would I ever wish that? I couldn't stand her before we left uni and I certainly don't want to spend a day listening to her witter on about how she has filled her last 4 weeks doing, well, someone elses boyfriend probably... So NO!...I don't like're a self obsessed, attention seeking drama queen who evidently has no sense of the affect your recent, smothering, rude behaviour has on those of us who had to put up with you for the last few months of uni. This girl doesn't have friends, she has convenient people who she imposes on until someone better / a bloke comes along / her problems are solved. I never want to see her again, let alone eat with the girl.

Now - how do I say that politely?

Furthermore, it seems that facebook is not only a vehicle for apparent 'friends' to contact you, but also friends of those friends who aren't even on the damn thing, observe a private message I received last night:

hi there1,How ru? is may sound wired but do u remember a girl called E____? i
work her and she is from [certain part of London] when i told what school i went to she asked me
if i knew u. i said yeah i do she is on facebook, so E ___ asked be to say hi
and sorry for losing contact, anyway girl1 sorry if im not making much sence
have a few glaases of wine tonight!

Number one: the girl who sent it I went to school for for a year when I was 12.
Number two: the girl she is referring to went to my secondary school, and went out of my contact sphere when I was about 17/18. We were good mates for a bit, we went raving a lot, but she was one of those scatty girls who you spend your life waiting around for to get ready, then they begin to irritate you, then they get a boyfriend and drop off the radar. Bothered. I can admit here that I recently saw her in the street, crossed the road and headed in the opposite direction to avoid conversation and the dreaded 'Haven't seen you in ages, whats your number? We must meet up for a drink' conversation.

Sometimes facebook is like when you're walking down the road to meet your actual mates, but you're held up along the way by people from years ago who insist on small talk and forging friendships where none have existed, happily, and possibly for good reasons, for a long time.


Miss Understood said...

As a newbie to Facebook, I have yet to work out how to track somebody down. I'm now hoping everyone else is having the same problem.

China Blue said...

I'm also new to it, and have a policy of adding people I know/fancy/have met in real life, or at least chatted to online for a bit. Half the people I know are on it... the others are still on MySpace. Hmmm, not sure how to deal with that 'friend' of yours. Ignoring is probably the best policy.

Steph said...

And there you have the exact reason that I won't do MySpazz or Fakebook.

Jo said...

miss understood - i've started vetting everyone who adds me. oh you may think its extreme...but just you wait.

china blue - ignoring it is!

steph - ohhh ALRIGHT no need to brag!! ;)

londongirl said...

And why on earth should you know what the weather's going to be like on Tuesday, eh?

Jade Thomson said...

ehy... i arrived on you blog... cause i was lookin' for some english blog... XD i like yours...

Jo said...

londongirl - tell me about it, she's such an idiot. I went on her facebook page today and all she's banging on about is the weather - get an umbrella and deal with it...

jade - thanks! feel free to come back and enjoy it some more :D

Drama Queen said...

facebook. . .NOOOO!! bebo all the way!

Jo said...

Bebo arrrrghhh nooooooooo!


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