Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The end is nigh.....

I've been banging on about it for ages, but the end of uni is upon me. Well, not me, because I'm going to be holed up in Hull for the summer while I finish (and, err...start) my dissertation. What I mean is everyone's leaving me bar a couple of this weeks been a bit of a goodbye. The boyfriend's one person going home this week, tomorrow actually, and although I got a bit weepy about it last week I've accepted that uni's got to end and even though we're not going to be living 2 mins away from each other any more it's cool - in fact I'm a bit excited about the change in situation. I think.

Anyway, so this week as agreed in my weepy session last week the boyfriend and me have been spending time together and it's been really nice. Yesterday we woke up and after discerning that no, I didn't fancy going fishing with his housemate and friend, he suggested we go to York.

So off we went to York and first stop (well, first stop was my favourite shop before I was dragged out kicking and screaming by hungry bf) was lunch. And this is where it gets a bit, err, you'll see. So we have a nice meal, soup for me then spag bol and I felt absolutely stuffed. Uncomfortably so, infact. We got the bill, and while we were waiting I started to get very hot, you know that sort of hot where you think 'uh oh, I either need to burp or be ill'? Well unfortunately, just after I put my tenner down for my half of the bill, I exited the restaurant in need of some fresh air, it turned out to be the latter. The boyfriend joined me and I said 'Urrgh, I feel really ill. Like I could be sick. Urghh'

So he was like shall we sit down? And pointed to the seats in the centre square. 'Na-uh...lets just walk'. Then I was like 'Uh Oh' and started to gag. Boyfriend spied a walkway off the main street and as I ran towards it I realised it was actually a walkway that lead down to a pub where a couple of people were enjoying their meal at the bottom.

Lets just say I expelled my lunch, as discreetly as possible against a drainpipe with the boyfriend holding my hair back then went back into the restaurant to sort myself out. Then I was like what the fuck? I felt fine before it, I don't think it was the food and I felt fine-ish afterwards. As fine as you can feel when you've just chucked up your lunch.

Then having secured some chewing gum I went into H&M and bought myself a new dress to cheer myself up. Our next move probably wasn't the best idea seeing as I'd just been sick...but off we went to York Dungeon where the first 'exhibit' was a plague autopsy, where the bloke was banging on about pustules and disgusting rotten smelling things, and shoved a jar of leeches in my face...before producing a fake heart out of this disembowled body and evidently doing his best to make us feel ill, well let me tell you he really didn't need to try with me. So having scared ourselves shitless in the dungeon (it's scary, I don't care...there's this labyrinth of mirrors they chuck you into and shut the door and things jump out) and I'd been put in the dock and sentenced to torture for dancing round the streets naked (apparently)...we went home.

But even though I was sicky Mc Sick-alot, I actually had a really nice day. And I'm going to miss the boyfriend like a fatty without cake when he's gone.


And also I watched Children of Men last night and its a blaaady good film, so that's my recommendation for the week. And tell me what you think of it because it's part of my dissertation and all opinions are welcome...anyway I'll leave you now.

PS. Sorry to the couple eating their lunch down the alley where I produced my spaghetti again. I couldn't help it. :( I'll make it up to you (I won't)


Drama Queen said...

Children of men was *really* scary. I left the cinema feeling so anxious. And I hate goodbyes too.

Jo said...

Yeah it was a bit freaky, but I love those kind of 'what if london...' films.

SohoSally said...

I once finished a meal at a restaurant in Peru only to exit and watch another diner run out and puke his guts out. Never a good sign for a dining establishment.

bec said...

Oh babe... hope you feel better now (shopping always makes me feel better... although not clothes shopping!)

The end of uni sucked for me big style. I cried so hard as everyone left. I was the last to go... being in the house on my own was so awful...

Miss Understood said...

My worst nihtmare is throwing up in the street. I can't do it unless I have a pint of water with me to wash out the lumps.

What a waste of a tenner!

Jo said...

sohosally - that's actually rank. I made sure I was well clear of the place, at least ;)

bec - I think I've got a bug or something, I'm not 100% but feeling ok til I eat loads then feel ill again. Boyfriend left today, housemate left the other day...I'm home alone! booo :(!

miss understood - I know, I felt like such a dick and kept apologising...argh. I hate it!


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