Thursday, 24 May 2007


Yesterday was the best day I've had in ages. The weather pulled through and it was non-stop sunshine all day in Scarborough, which we honored by running about on the beach and, err, removing some rather sharp shards of glass from the sand, and changing £1 into 2ps, playing on the 2p machines in the amusements and adopting a left over bucket and spade for sandcastles. It was just such a good day. Hours of uninterrupted me and him time, 40 miles from Hull. Lately I've been a bit 'urrrrghhh' and down about having a dissertation over the summer when everyone else is finishing uni... the trouble with finding someone to loan my horse and being let down by them...general insecurity about post-uni life... but yesterday it was like the world was right again. I've found someone to look after and pay for my horse when I leave which although I'm sad about, it's just one of those necessary things which had to happen and for now I can have a break from work.

Then ended up going out...yes actually a club...yes...a real nightclub... which I haven't done in ages, which wasn't an amazing night because it was packed, although we were in the queue long enough to witness the token security guard / pissed student brawl outside:

Quote: "I'll fookin' kill you, you c***"


Anyway so it appears I am headed for a pretty busy weekend, me and housemate have got 2 people coming to stay (friends who left uni last year) and if I'm totally honest: I really, really, really can't be arsed to have them here. Is that selfish / boring / unsociable? Probably. But I just can't be arsed to entertain them...I want to suit myself. We've only got a small house so any extra people just makes it unbelievably crowded, and I'm not up for sharing my bed with one of them but if I escape to Les Boyfriendinos then that just seems like I'm being all boyfriend-clingy-ooh-must-not-spend-a-night-apart, doesn't it? When really I'd just rather she kipped on the sofa.

Also, another of our uni friends, who I'll just call Pita (Pain In The Arse), not content with just coming round for drinkies before next week's ball, now wants to get ready here as well. Give me strength. We have one full length mirror in this house and with three girls vying for it's attentions, this does not a party make. I've been watching that Embarrassing Illnesses on Channel 4 tonight, but this is a different pain in the backside altogether. What's polite for 'NO! NO........and NO, LEAVE US BE!!' ??


Bec said...

Ah the pissed up brawl - staple of the English night life.

I've got my own PITA (friend not illness). I'm usually pretty tolerant and will play tunes in my head while she rabbits on but one night I'd had enough and went up to my room, changed into my pj's, came down and didn't sit down again, ust kinda hovered by the door until she got the picture,

WWhen she left I looked at the clock. It was 7:45pm. Oops!

Steph said...

I feel your pain! I have days when I can't be bothered being sociable. Luckily I hide out in my flat and ignore the phone. It's BLISS!

the boy who likes to... said...

Good to hear Scarborough, and its weather, pulled through.
Your night out, was that in Scarborough too?

Im sure if you did want to escape to Les Boyfriendinos you could just take some pizza, takeaway and DVDs and he would be happy.

But seeing old friends can always be fun. Even if you dont plan it to be.

Sandra said...

oh i hate when girlfriends play the 'cant't be away from the boyfriend line' did they never wonder why you don't want to be there!

on the PITA friend i think thats just hilarious! i might use that in the near future!

sorry to hear your selling your horse. Theres a nice poem on my blog about them, i could never sell my lad but i suppose if i had to i probably would, desperate measures only though!

i'm happy you had a chillaxing day jo! you should make more time for them

Jo said...

bec - Ohhh the worst is when PITA's just yap yap yap about themselves for ages...this one's the same. YAWN.

steph - I'm getting those days 'arrgghhh but i can't be arsed with chit chat tonight'

the boy - no the night out was at our university club. didn't fancy the scarborough night life (bingo)

sandra - yeah I think it's important to have 'me' days every now and then. so nice to get out and about. and my horse is now officially loaned out! :(


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