Wednesday, 23 May 2007


I am going to Scarborough.

Don't ask why; it's cloudy, I haven't been there before, but in the absence of things to do today I have demanded to be taken on a day trip.

Thus me et Boyfriendinio are going to Scarborough. We were going to a place called Flamingo Land which I thought sounded promising, but we woke up too late. Then we were going to visit Atlantis Water Park in Scarborough, which sounded awfully exciting....we spent about half an hour trying to find information about it on the internet, before I came across an article which said it had closed. 'Ohhh, tramp-pits', I said. Now what?

Maybe we can play in the rubble?

I therefore pose the question What is One to Do in Scarborough? Answers on a postcard.

So we're going anyway.


the boy who likes to... said...

Ive always believed that Scarborough is under a cloud all the time. Is the weather ever nice there?
What made you chose there?
I went once with school. We fooled the smaller kid in to believing that the hotel room we were staying in was haunted.
They had a fairground when I was last there. But that was about 15 years ago.

bec said...

I always see Scarborough under rain too! I hope it was/is nice for you... Walk on the beach and gaze out at the water regardless of the weather!

Drama Queen said...

I went there once. One a sunny day the beach was quite good. And flamingo land! It's no alton towers. You're not missing much.

Jo said...
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