Saturday, 5 May 2007

Staying in, going out...

Going out . I'm a bit worried. When I go to find out how people are getting on here, this is STILL all it says (but worse):

I don't have an issue with these people getting here. Hi, how are you? enjoy your stay.

But guys (and they will be blokes, won't they?) come least search for humans having sex with other humans. Like I'm seriously thinking the market for bestiality is bigger than I thought...why would anyone want to watch a girl having sex with an elephant? Who out there is avidly seeking horse sex for their own gratification? When is it ever a good time to watch a cat getting it's end away? Which person doesn't mind what it is, as long as it's an animal having sex?

Is it thaaaaaat.... your girlfriend dumped you and moved everything out of the house apart from her pet ferret, you put two and two together and thought

'What if the ferret was a girl?'

Anyway, so I'm a bit disgusted today. Lads, come on, what would your mother say? They can find out you know. Quick! Clear your history! Eeek, I hope your search hasn't saved somewhere else on the computer...

Staying in. Last night I just could. not. be. arsed. to go out, even though I'd said I would, and even though I had two options of where to go, I got in from babysitting les horribles (where last night we had Carrotgate: 'Eat your carrots' 'No.' 'Eat them!' 'NO'. Silence. 'Jo....Joooooo. Joooooooooo!' 'If it's about those carrots I don't want to hear it.' Silence.) and thought 'I really really don't want to move from the sofa.' So this happened:

That's right. Me and my housemate stayed in avec vodka, pineapple juice, lime cordial, lemonade, cola bottles, kettle crisps and Party Rings and watched lots of good Friday night TV. And after the text messages trying to move me off the sofa stopped, I actually had a rather enjoyable guilt-free night.

So I'm actually getting really awful at sticking to plans at the moment. I'm being one of those pain in the arse friends that says they'll do something and then comes up with some excuse of why they can't. Except my excuses are (mostly) valid. And as soon as essay time is over, dissertation has got under way and my money situation is back to normal, I will rejoin the masses. Until then, I'm just enjoying doing what I want. If I want to go out, I'll go out. And if I want to stay in....why shouldn't I stay in?

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