Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Jezza Vs. Fat People

Today I have mostly done sweet f.a (unless you count downloading a google desktop thing, uploading the weekend's photos onto facebook, making lunch and printing off some essays which have sat on the bed waiting to be looked through as productive activities).

While I was eating lunch I found myself watching the end of an utterly ridiculous episode of Midsumer Murders, a crap show based in a sleepy village where a murder occurs every day (this time it was mushrooms, a funghi related death indeed) and then "Up next, Jeremy Kyle goes to the Half Ton Hospital"

Yes folks, you heard me right. Everyday this week future prime minister of Britain, Jezza Kyle will be going to the fat farm to lay the smack down on the morbidly orbese of America. Hurrah!

First up was Terry. Now Terry can only really be described as a really fat stupid walrus-like idiot: at 55 stone he consumes a 15,000 calories a day, that's the equivalent of about 45 hotdogs. Yes. A DAY (the norm is about 2000...calories, not hot dogs). What I didn't get was this. Now, this bloke just lies in bed all day eating - the hospital actually had to widen all its doors to get him - it took 5 hospital workers to get him out of the super strengthened ambulance and into the place. He can't wash himself. He can't go for a shit without help getting to the toilet. They had to make him a specially massive wheelchair so he could get about, costing $8000. So tell me how this bloke turns to the camera and says "I'm not sick, there's nothing wrong with me. I eat healthy" and then reels off his favourite 'healthy' fried foods. Denial, or an absolute mental defective?

I know it seems I have some vendetta against fatties. I don't, I just can't stand fat people who whinge about being fat or think that they should get preferential treatment because of their (self inflicted) size. My aunty died at the beginning of this year aged 42 - she was obese and this was largely the cause of her death; but never once did you hear her complain about her size, even though she would have been in a huge amount of pain because of it most of the time. Her size never mattered to me, and it never seemed like it mattered to her; like her personality just made it almost insignificant. So it makes me really annoyed to see these people feeding themselves, getting to this immense weight and then complaining about the results, acting like they're helpless and relying on everyone else to make life more comfortable for them.

Take Stupid Terry. He whinged about having to stay in bed all day. He whinged that the custom made wheelchair would take 3 weeks to build. He whinged that the hospital food was gash. He whinged that the bed was lumpy (how the hell could he feel the bed??). He whinged about the fact that he couldn't leave his room. These doctors were catering to his every need, trying to help him lose weight and prevent him eating himself to death, and he'd thank them by finishing ordering a take away to the hospital with a couple of other stupid people who didn't appreciate their lives for dinner at the end of the day.

All I could think was if he doesn't want your help, why the hell are they even bothering? Why not just leave him to eat himself into a 12 ft deep hole? This hospital had a huge waiting list and Gargantuan Terry was just taking the piss. Thank god Jezza was there to lay into him. In all honesty, he didn't go too hardcore - I suppose Jezza is intelligent enough to realise that dieting is not also a cure for being an imbecile.

Another thing that annoys me. Fat parents who have fat kids. Why do they inflict their eating habits on their children? Is it not the most selfish thing ever? There are all these programmes featuring fat people trying to get slim and they always end up with the overweight people coming across as obscenely self-justifying and unable to accept any responsibility for their size, let alone do anything about it apart from whinge.

There just seems to be no end to the media attention obesity is getting at the moment, but I wonder if it's actually doing any good at all.

And Burger King is crap.

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