Sunday, 27 May 2007

The guests have gone!

No. of guests this weekend: 3

No. of guests remaining : 0

No. of empty bottles of wine / vodka: 9

No. of nights in bed before 4am: 0

No. of pizzas consumed: 2

Time spent feeling rough: 9 hours

Ok, ok, so despite my whinging I have had a good weekend. Got pissed on Friday, queued for an hour to get into a club, and stayed up until about half 4 waiting for takeaway pizza to arrive. Had a bit of a lull on Saturday as I checked my bank balance and discovered it was -£3 which did nothing for my tired, ratty mood that I seemed to be in most of the day.

I hate hate hate being skint, so emergency, slightly whining calls were made to the Parents to request gift aid in the shape of a few tenners which should be arriving on Tuesday (damn bank holiday) least it meant I could escape to a house party instead of accompanying 2 of The Guests into town which I really couldn't be arsed to do. In all honesty, the party was a bit of a non-event, one of the hosts was unable to stand and passed out in his own sick in the toilet. Unfortunately he left his computer on and logged into facebook, which people took full advantage of, much to his dismay this morning, when he checked it to discover he was in a relationship (with a man) and favourite activities now included...


Absolutely knackered now and my brain's not really working today following the post-alcohol smokage that occurred after the party til the early hours of this morning. Once I regained feeling in my legs, I finally crawled into bed and promptly passed out having sat sliding deeper and deeper into the sofa cushions with an increasingly large grin on my face for the past 2 hours.

Oh, and as of next Saturday I'm officially horse-less. Owwwwwwwwww.

P.S. 10,000 visitors on the counter since March. Get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


bec said...
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Jo said...

Bloody hell. Mobile numbers and internet do NOT go together! and yes, 10,000 views from people all expecting animal sex if the stats are anything to go by, apparently.

Marika said...

That is a very impressive number - congratulations.

Doesn't it feel great to have your place to yourself again? I love having visitors, but I think I love having them leave more.

Jo said...
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the boy who likes to... said...

Genius move on the facebook.

Good to hear you resolved your horse issue. I hope s/he went to a good home.


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