Monday, 9 April 2007

Why Jeremy Kyle should be Prime Minister and other things of interest

Here are some things that have amused me today:

Before you think I'm weird - whether you watch or like the Jeremy Kyle show or not, please take note that this man is at the forefront of the battle against the stupid / lazy / unwashed / benefit scrounging / pregnant at 13 years old people of this country and for that we should all applaud him.

Yes, applaud Jezza...and laugh at this rancid man known to his friends and conquests as 'the Wang'. Brilliant.

and because even the sceptics amoung you will want to watch the rest of it...

All hail Jezza K.


Meanwhile, while browsing some blogs...

  • Girl Dates London informs me of a thing called 'Speed Hating' which sounds like just my cuppa tea. You attend, you rant, you leave! Ranters of the world unite and pair off! Who said humans are causing climate change? Point me to them! I must meet that man to argue and tell him why he is wrong! The perfect start to a loving relationship.

  • Going Underground informs me of the rave flash mob that happened at Victoria station last is my summer resolution to attend one of these, they look so funny. There was a pillow fight in the centre of Hull scheduled quite recently but I didn't really fancy it due to the possibility of knives and the odd grenade being thrown alongside the pillows.

As you can probably tell, today:



lauren said...

i'd never heard the term flash mob before, that's fabulous! on the news recently, there was a report on teens who got citations for holding an impromptu dance party in a abercrombie/holister store. they called it "fun without drugs". i found it creative and amusing. the ass hat mall cops found it offensive. pha.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy kyle is kk, u lot r stupid.


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