Monday, 16 April 2007

Weekend round up

What a nice weekend I've had, attempted a barbeque on Saturday night with a few people but we all decided pretty much after we'd lit the damn thing that it wasn't quite warm enough for alfresco dining just yet.

Ended up sitting outside under a blanket with 2 jumpers on, Stella in hand attempting to stave off the cold. One guest disappeared off 'to watch Joseph' on BBC 1, maybe he'd been having a toss up: what would make me more manly, sitting here shivering or declaring an addiction to a West End Musical talent search show? I use the word 'talent' carefully, it wouldn't be my choice of description for the people involved in that show. 'Any Smarmy Git Will Do' would be a more appropriate title...what a bunch of karaoke singing numpties. Although the one who said he'd auditioned for the show because of a sign from God was amusing. Apparently the lad was in church and a woman turned round with tears in her eyes and told him to "follow Joseph" he followed him all the way to London and then all the way out of the competition on Saturday. I suppose even God has a sense of humour.

Sunday I did my family duty and went over to a little sea side town called Withernsea, where the car of choice is evidently a Corsa. I particularly enjoyed this lime green number which had been dressed up with go-faster add ons and an exhaust that could fit Jade Goody's arse up it and still have room for a Hello! journalist as well. Then I sat on the sea wall for a bit and watched the world go by, succeeded in getting one red arm. Ate a Feast lolly. It was nice.

In other news, the papers are having an absolute field day about the break up of Prince William and whatserchops Middleton. To be fair, I'd have run a mile as well if I'd heard Woolworths was going to be selling mugs, plates and tea towels with my face on for the population to eat and wipe their dinner off with.

The front page of the Sunday Times sported this positive quote on the situation: “The timing was wrong,” said one close friend. “I think she realised it as well. She’s no fool. They are very young. How many university romances survive — maybe one in 100?"

Wow, thanks for that vote of confidence old chap. Maybe if the romances are plagued by paparrazi and press interest over their every move, with people setting dates and designing his and hers wedding day slippers and dressing gowns after the first date then this statistic might count for something. But I'd like to think that the rest of us, you know, the common riff-raff who can go out un photographed on a daily basis, probably have a better chance.

On a separate note; Hull smells of sweaty feet today.


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