Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The shootings at Virginia Tech

Just caught this on the news: 33 people murdered as they attended classes at Virginia Tech university in America. Then the nutter killed himself.

As if there's been another shooting of this type in America, it's beyond me how someone can be that unhappy and deranged that they want to kill themselves and take 33 other people down with them. All students apart from a couple of professors I think - just makes me amazed at the lax gun laws over there. You should be safe from all that at university.

Someone on the news just now was quoted as saying that if every student on campus had been in possession of a gun then the shooting probably wouldn't of happened on such a large scale - what a heap of shit. If everyone had a gun there would have been mass panic and a whole string of legal implications attached to the people who started shooting back most probably. You can't solve gun problems by giving everyone a gun and declaring a free for all...

Anyway, it's sad when something like this happens, especially because they're all around my age. What a waste.

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