Saturday, 21 April 2007

Scruffin it up

Went to see Mr Scruff last night (a DJ, not a blog nickname for an elicit lover etc) was mental goodness. Here's a breif run down.
We were all just dancing, lovin the

which was wicked...then we get a

and then out of the blue this BIG STINKING MESSY BASSLINE kicks in, like this:

Then it was time to go home, but Mr Scruff said....


So he did. Then he said

I do like a polite DJ.

Anyway, so it was such a good night and it reminded me how much I miss hearing really good music that you don't have to be absolutely battered in order to enjoy and dance to. I used to be so into music and know loads about whatever I was into (old school garage back in 97 til about 2002...used to love DnB and a bit of hiphop) and spent my weekends in places / dives like Bagleys, Sanctuary, Studio 33, going to One Love, One Nation, Slammin' Vinyl, Telepathy, Sidewinder, Liberty til 7am...and yeah the scenes all changed into moody crowds and most of the venues / events got shut down but I hardly noticed the attitude at the time. I remember going to a DnB thing at Bagleys once and standing still on the dancefloor at 3am, and the floor was moving up and down because everyone in that room was going mad dancing. And I didn't touch a pill or any other drugs the whole time.

Since being at uni it's drummed my musical tastes into the standard eclectic mix of what can largely be termed Shit and Bollocks, with the occasional shining gems like Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Chilli Peppers, John Mayer....but I'll near enough listen to anything. I don't have a stand point any more. So last night it was nice to know that I can still go out and listen to wicked music, have a couple of drinks but not get absolutely steaming drunk and still think 'that was so good'.

It also reminded me how glad I am that class A's don't feature in my nights out...god, people off their face look so awful. Each to their own though...the only drug I can't stand to be around is coke - people become so needy, running off to the toilets every 10 minutes really doesn't make for a good night. No doubt they're having a good time but if you're not on that level with them it can make for a really shit night, watching your mates get paranoid every time one of them goes to the loo just in case they miss out on a bit of the white stuff. Weird because I'll happily read about it, I'm not anti drugs or preachy on the subject, as long as other peoples habits don't effect my night out they can do what they want. It just doesn't appeal to me.

As for me - I think I'll try and master the alcohol come-down before I embark on anything more exciting, and there's not a massive chance of that happening anytime soon if my latest dehabilitating hangovers are anything to go by..!

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