Sunday, 8 April 2007

The fish re-housed and other stories

Let me get the following out of the way before I continue with bad things:

"Ooh isn't the weather gorgeous?"

"Fabulous day, isn't it?"

"Let's get the bbq out!"

"Oh this sunshine is just fantastic, what a lovely day!"

"What great weather for a bank holiday weekend!"

Yes, England...hold the front pages, bring out the gazebos, fire up the barbeques, fish out the flip flops, jump in your Ford Escorts and head down to Brighton beach: it's sunny.

I would also like to give a quick update on the fish situation for those who are interested...the fish was alive upon my return to the house! Hurrah! Amazing, I am a samaritan life saver of epic proportions. Meanwhile, the boyfriend and friend have been busy this weekend doing a spot of student house gardening (anyone familiar with your average student garden will know this is no easy feat) and have fashioned a pond for my scaley friend:

Also managed to get the boyfriend and the horse acquainted - the former wanting to 'gallop, how do I make him gallop, if I go 'yah yah!' and shake the reins, will he gallop?' Probably, but you may not be on him when he does, my love.

We settled for a walk and a little trot up the path and then a walk round the paddock. Horse was incredibly well behaved but was back to his normal arm-pulling-out-of-sockets-self as soon as I got back on. What a creep.

Anyway, after watching the story of the murder of a British backpacker in Australia in 2001 (Murder in the Outback, ITV 1), which ironically was a televised drama focusing mainly on how badly TV and the media sensationalises the fuck out of anything at all, followed by Mel Gibson's take on the Bible in his version of The Passion of the Christ...I think it's safe to say I'm ready for bed. In fact, I'm ready for anything but another televised version of something else.


P.S. Someone got onto my blog by typing 'eat my minge' into google today. Teehee. If it was you, I'm intrigued. What were you hoping to find?

1 comment:

bec said...

Glad the fish is still alive - you totally did the right thing!

The most gardening I did when a student was to move a pot plant slightly to the left...

Good luck with the pond!


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