Monday, 30 April 2007

An apology

I have returned after an am-a-zing weekend in Londres, spent all day Saturday at the edge of a ski slope in Brentwood, and it was hot hot hot (25 degrees, positively roasting by English standards) and I got a lovely red nose which was wicked. Then it was off to a ball at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington (wore the Karen Millen number in the end) and that was ever so slightly messy - 500 snowsports affiliated students not even attempting to be civilised, drinking games with the wine at dinner...random shouting and chanting of team songs...lots of 'yah, yah, jolly good, rah, haw haw haw-ing' in mock posh-ness....the waiters were less than impressed.

We were all glad to have packed our own vodka / bacardi in our handbags and tux's because the prices were fucking extortionate as ever... £3.90 for a Becks, £4 something for a glass of wine...Us poor students didn't know what had hit us! So after the free wine had been consumed it was a case of mixing our own drinks under the tables...haha...budget or what. Then at about 1am I was queuing at the bar waiting for a drink when it dawned on me that I was about to pay £2 for a glass of coke that was being poured out of a half litre bottle which you'd normally pay about 50p for. Whats that about! Stubbornness took over and I decided that straight vodka was clearly the way forward....very nearly saw my gourmet dinner again. Then a friend who had polished off his bottle of bacardi in a Burger King cup he'd brought in earlier got up on a table which promtly broke and was then chased around the hall (leaping from table to table) by unimpressed bouncers and waiters, it was comedy.

We decided to leave at this point, and said friend proceeded to sing football style chants and general offensiveness etc all the way through the hotel foyer, past about 50 newly arrived guests who were all looking on in disgust at the youth who had decended on the hotel for the night...

Therefore, I would like to apologise on behalf of the uncouth, rowdy, raucus students who took over the Millenium Gloucester Hotel on Saturday night. I'm sorry to the cars that had to wait for ages in the drop off point of the hotel while we put the door back on our mini bus after my mate kicked it off. I apologise for the hotel's tables being used as lily pads. Sorry for bringing our own alcohol, we'll bring more money next time. I'm sorry to all the guests whose check-in was interrupted by shouts of 'Yorkshire, yorkshire, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, we're coming to Wem-ber-leeey, Wem-ber-leeeyy, Wem-ber-leyyyy'. Sorry for the offensive expressions of our hooligan friend, but he was just happy about York winning the football or something.

What a good night.

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