Sunday, 25 March 2007

What to do with a problem like a fish

This is a little fish currently residing in a glass bowl downstairs on the kitchen counter at the boyfriend's house. His housemate who bought it has gone home for Easter and I discovered this little scamp in a filthy bowl in their pool room, wallowing about and looking generally hungry. So I, being the kind person I am, have been cleaning, feeding and talking to it while I've been staying here. But here lies the problem.

  1. The boyfriend goes home tomorrow.
  2. I go home on Thursday.
  3. The fish will have no one to care for its every whim, it will starve and die of boredom without my daily games of 'catch' and 'hide and seek'.
  4. It doesn't have a proper fish bowl, it's just a bowl, making it difficult to transport (or I'd take it home). More than that,
  5. It's not my fish. And a little bit of me says 'Goddamit, no I will not buy it a fish bowl and arrange fish-care for it while its owner is away, let the owner have wrongful-fish-death on their conscience'

So what to do?

  1. Rant. Why do people bother buying animals, no matter how bloody small, if they can't be bothered to look after them? Yes - it's only a fish you may say...but you are only one person out of billions and you still get fed.
  2. Discuss options. Get a 'feed a fish for a week' food block for its bowl? But then the fish will still be in a manky small bowl for a week. Leave the fish and let it be the owners fault? But then I'll still feel guilty if it dies. Let blog readers decide? Pointless, no one reads this anyway. Load up its bowl with food and hope for the best? Chants of 'fish killer!!!' will taunt me down the M1. Buy it a bigger bowl and get the 'feed a fish for a week' food block and return home guilt free? Will cost me money. Request money for expenditure and then be told 'No, I didn't care what happened to it anyway'? Very likely.
  3. Adopt the fish as my own. Fish will live to 100 knowing my luck.

Such a dilemma to be faced with on a Monday morning. Help from my nonexistant readers is appreciated, I have 24 hours to decide.


Bec said...

Take it home with you... complete with all the food and things - you'll feel guilty if you leave it. The Karmic rewards will be immense! :)

Bec said...

Now that's thinking!


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