Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Quiz Call TV strikes again...

I don't often get inclined to write a post when I get in at 12am on a Tuesday night. But alas, I have been waiting all night at a venue with friends who assured me the band we were waiting for would be...err..worth the wait. They weren't. They were made up of a backing track (Prodigy style beats, good) and a bass guitarist (meek, but good) and a singer slash rapp-ar wearing a nurses dress. Welcome to the future of indie music guys... they are NOT the 'Dance Bastards'. If only the guitarist wasn't so pushed aside by the lead singer they might have had a chance, as it was, they had all the charisma of a plastic bag, if that. You will find them on myspace no doubt, tinny and with the treble turned up far to loud...Encore, encore.

Anyway...Quiz Call Type TV. Blimey, that was on form tonight. I got in, made myself a delicious treat out of pitta bread and sat down in front of 12am telly. I would advise you to read my previous article on text / phone in TV before continuing, and that's not just self promotion. Basically, following on from that... it appears that ITV have revamped their awkward small talk to include a word of warning to the UK's Stupid and Drunk Or Both population who actually call these ridicuous money making schemes in the hope to curb any criticism.

Tonight's 'delightful' hosts were Kelly and err, lets call him Kevin...who cares, he had the IQ of a twig and an opinion of himself far higher than necessary...and they were both trying to sell you, the avid viewer, of a chance to win £1000 and four, yes four tickets to see that amazing spectacle that is....four VIP tickets, plus 1st class (train) travel to DANCING ON ICE!!!!!!!! I can hardly type the suspense is so great. All those celebrities, wow.

Now I've mopped my brow, I shall continue. The quirky presenters have clearly been given some new script because the small talk went something like this:

Dull Presenter 1: Ok guys, I'm so smooth! If you know the answer...just rearrange the letters C-T and A to make a word...and we'll give you £1000! it's as simple as that!

Dull Presenter 2: Yes indeedly, cor aren't I good looking. Call in on [blah blah] or text on [blah blah blah] and as long as you're over 18, and have consulted the payer of the phone can win!

Dull Presenter 1: That's right Mr. Dull, My God I'm fit. Also, make sure you set yourself a call target for tonight guys...

Dull Presenter 2: MmmHmm. I have to fight girls off with this job. That's right! Set yourself a call limit tonight guys, call as many times as you want but make sure you set yourself a target. Pick the answer you think is right but set yourself a target and stick to it, whether its 2, 3, or 70 times, make sure you stick to that limit.

Hmmmmmm. Anyone else think that a certain TV channel has been set certain new 'fair play' guidelines to abide by? How pathetic. They're still charging about a quid-fifty a call, whether you get through or not...and now they're just making it seem like it's not a rip off. When it still clearly is.

I felt compelled to watch for the sheer stupidity of the people who ring in to these things. Not least the idiot who rang in to rearrange the letters A-P-T-R-E-N to make the word P A T T E R N. What's gone wrong there? I wonder.

On that note...I leave you. goodnight.

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Bec said...

This is usually the thing I am watching when I am trying to blog. This is why most of my thoughts are mere half-thoughts. I keep stopping to gaze at the stupidity or both the people who call in and the plastic dolls presenting!


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