Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Fish, horses, and feeling guilty.

I have been abandoned for a week and 2 days while the boyfriend jets off to sunny Barbados for a week in the sun...Not at all fair I'm sure you'll agree. However, I am off to Champneys health resort for a couple of days next week which should aid the essay writing process no doubt, you know...give me a chance to get some inspiration and all that, ummm...sure.

Meanwhile I have left the fish in the capable hands of....a 7-10 day feeding block (says on packet will feed 10 -20 fish for up to 10 days. This is one very small fish. Worred about making him obese) and a large blue tub and an old jar of Dolmio for it to hide in. He quite likes it. A few times yesterday I thought he was dead because he wasn't moving, but a few splashes of the water and he was out and about again, so fear not, I think he's just enjoying chilling out.

In addition I left a note for the first person to get back which said:

"Jo has put me in a new big box instead of my little horrible bowl. Please feed me, change my water and take out my feeding block (if I'm still alive, meanies) when you get back. Thank you. Love Mr. Fish"

My work there is done. Still feel awfully guilty and hope that it doesn't die, but if it does I have done all I can.

Have also embarked on the search to find someone to loan / buy my horse, Alfie, which I feel terribly guilty about as well. Had him for 7 years now and we have an understanding between us, it is his job to roll in the only muddy patch of the field, and my job to clean it off again. Daily. Anyway, I put a sign up at the local tack shop and got a call yesterday from a nice sounding girl, but we mutually agreed it wasn't going to suit us as she wanted to move him to a new stables for the summer only, which doesn't help me out long-term. So, the search continues...anyway, it's such a nice day (14.5 degrees by my car thermo) I'm going to go riding and make use of said horse while I still can.

Aurevoir mon petit cochons

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Bec said...

You can leave guilt free - and even be a little smug - you have done all you can, short of finding the fish's owner and dragging him back to the house by his ear.

A Champneys break sounds fantastic. If you get even one word written I will be shocked. Shocked, I say!


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