Saturday, 17 March 2007

Arctic Blast Challenge Update

Arctic Blast Stats as of 19:57

A trip to the butchers this afternoon produced the following conversation:

Butcher: Hullor love, what canna get ya?
Me: Ummm, bacon...errr...chicken and ummmmm
Butcher: Ooh indecisive today!
Me: I know, it's that arctic blast thats coming. Watch out it'll knock you sideways.
Butcher: Ooh right! Is it cold out then?
Housemate: Yeah it's freezing! That arctic blast is really setting in. Right up ------ Avenue.
Me: There she blows.
Butcher: Sausages with that?

Attempts were made to draw the two green grocers into a conversation about the weather but neither were in a chatty mood.

The Score
Me: 2
Housemate: 1
Boyfriend: 1

That is all. Off to see Outlaw to follow.

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