Sunday, 11 March 2007

'Annoying me this week' round up

I realise that this week I have been a bit slack on the old blogging front, so to sum up here is one of my bullet point lists of things that have annoyed me this week...

  • The bloke who told me not to park my car outside his garage but then neglects to use the damn thing himself and parks outside and not quite at the entrance of it...using up a space that could be mine. Guess who had to park about 3 roads away from her house today?
  • Babysitting for kids that are fully aware that although you are an adult, you have ultimately no bearing on whether they eat their peas or not. The 5 year old I babysit for has the ability to mock me and taunt me about the fact she did not, and will not ever eat her peas. The temptation to argue with her was so strong. Alas, I gave her the silent treatment instead.
  • Facebook. I resent the fact that people from specifically my high school who I either have a) never spoken to, b) not spoken to since leaving 7 years ago or c) knew, spoke to, but didn't like and who probably felt the same about me, adding me as a 'friend' on facebook. If you ask me, there's a few rampant cases of 'Look At Me Now' syndrome sniffing about the ex-pupils of my pre-GCSE education. The problem is, most of them are still as hideous or more so than they were when they were 16. Eek.
  • This doesn't so much annoy me as intrigue me. On Wednesday, the opportunity arose for blokes at my uni to come to the union in drag. They responded in force, dresses, fake nails, wigs, hand bags, high heels, make up, the lot. After a while they were talking in voices an octave higher than usual, and by the end of the night they had a finely tuned, womanly walk going on and were referring to eachother almost too naturally as 'girlfriend'. My question is this. What is it that makes macho blokes so absolutely gagging to dress as girls and more to the point, act and talk like us and not feel remotely embarrassed? Let me know please, I'm so curious. It's just not something I'm mutually enthusiastic about. Moustache, stubble and hand down my trousers re adjusting all night? No thank youuuu...
  • Finally, there is still dog shit at the end of my road. I think I stepped in it today (it was only a matter of time) but it's been there so long that its gone hard and so didn't smell or attach itself to me. Bring on DNA testing for dog shit. Find the dogs. Find the owners. Hunt them dooowwwwn.

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