Wednesday, 28 March 2007

3 wrong numbers and a tired horse

I don't know how all these people are getting this house phone number...but everyday I get at least one wrong number, there have been three already today...What's going on!

It's so bloody annoying, I've started just ignoring the phone when it rings but it's getting stupid now. And we're ex directory so its not even like they're getting the number out the phone book.

Bloody stupid secret withheld numbers, bloody stupid people ringing for taxis, no bloody Rita doesn't bloody live here STOP RINGING MY HOOOUUUSE!

Rant over

Went riding today, was so good. Took Alfie for a much needed gallop and actually tired him out for once. It was payback for yesterday where he decided to jog for a full hour round the roads which absolutely caned my arse and hands. I ache like anything today. He came back to the stables sweaty as anything and I got disapproving looks from the owners whose horses actually behave themselves and walk nicely everywhere (boring). Today, however, there was no jogging on the way home. Looks like I knackered the poor little mite out. Bless, he can ache tomorrow.

In other news, the boyfriend rang from the plane to Barbados this morning. Miss him already and it's only been a day. Arrrrghhhhh. One week to goooo.


Bec said...

The phone thing - Rita probably a) doesn't know her own number or b) is deliverately giving out a random one (which just happens to be yours!) to avoid the world.

Sandra said...

hi jo
thanks for your comment ont he roads.

i know its crap and rude the way people go on. i even put signs up on the road and stayed to the track. you know what they did THEY TOOK THEM DOWN!

i was so annoyed. i contacted my local county council to see if i could get signs put up becuase there is a few of us in the area but they never replied!

anyway well done on the horse blow out! i broke my martingale two days ago and it's so weird riding my pony now he's gone really cheeky throwing his head up so i gave him a good blow out yesterday and he soon coped on!! :D

anyway thanks for the posts, i'm going to add you to my blog list hope you don't mind, your blog is fun to read.




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