Saturday, 10 February 2007

Talking animals and celebrity look-alikes

Creature Comforts is one of my favourite things to just sit and watch mindlessly for an hour or so. Just before Christmas I went onto and bought the Series 2 Box set as a present for my boyfriend, but due to unforeseen didn't get wrapped up, it wasn't put under his tree and I still have it. No, we didn't break up. No...I didn't find him something better. I just kept it. Anyway. I then got series one. And for a good month or so afterwards I developed this habit. Creature Comforts, if you're not familiar, is a series by the makers of Wallace and Gromit where they take interviews with members of the public and turn them into plasticine animal characters. For example, here is a hamster...who is probably a bloke called Bob from Southsea...talking about cats and dogs.

Anyway, for a while I couldn't help talking to people without imagining them as a creature comfort character. And then some more high profile resemblances struck me.

Then we have...

Tara Palmer Tomkinson and (specifically) a dressage horse
And to finish off...

Mr Rik Waller and a manatee

Uncanny, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm open to suggestions for others as well, my mind has gone uncharacteristically blank... I just know Renee Zellweger and the Harry Potter kid have some zoo-twins around somewhere.

I'm not just picking on celebrities either. One of my friends looks like a lion and another looks like the donkey from Shrek, but they're not on google images yet, nor would they appreciate their pictures being put up for all to see. Also, I like to think I make a pretty good err, well, I'm not sure what this animal is. But I liked it enough to do an impression of it in Prague Zoo.

(If you do know the name of this animal...let me know. I'm curious)

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