Friday, 9 February 2007

About Me


I'm Jo, aged 25, born and bred Londoner, easily irritated. This blog started as a place for me to rant about the annoying bits of the world around me. Like people who eat with their mouths open, sniffers etc. Four years on, there's a bit more than that. Observe:

Having finished university with a BA hons & masters under my belt, I embarked on the fickle world of media work. Then, after a brief stint working behind the scenes on a well-known live TV show, I decided I wanted to try writing. Ha. Cue me commencing a year of unpaid internships and soul destroying temporary secretarial work.

Meanwhile, a three year relationship came to an end. I moped, I cried, I was surprisingly sensible, then I got over it. Single, unemployed and in the middle of the rainiest English summer since last year, I booked an 8 month round the world trip, going to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America; leaving in November 2009.

As luck would have it, two weeks later I met a New Boy.

In the space of two months, the New Boy became a Boyfriend. I reluctantly left him at Heathrow departures and went off on my travels as planned. He joins me in April 2010 for the last 3 months of my trip. That's right, two months together, five months apart. Watch this space.

Until then, I'm living out of a backpack and blogging about it.

Enjoy. And while you're here, mind your manners.

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