Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Why the Internet is Bad...Today

Before I start, I would just like to mention that the irony of this post is not lost on me...I know that blog is short for weblog and the connotations of which do suggest that it is only accessible online, blah blah blah. However, today the internet is most definitely bad.

Let me take you back to 10 minutes ago, when I was happily ( /begrudgingly) searching for reviews on Yann Martel's Life of Pi for an essay I'm doing for my masters course at university (which, incidentally...I have just got an extension on. It has yet to be started. If anyone has any input on the mixture of fantasy and fact in the aforementioned book, it would be welcomed. But that's besides the point). Anyway, I came across a blog called Grumpyoldbookman where there was a review on Life of Pi...which I read...then I clicked on something else....which I read....then I opened a new window and googled the thing I'd just read....then I remembered that I had a blog on blogspot as well that I started while stuck in an office last summer...found it....couldn't find the log in bit...googled the blogspot website...tried 3 different log ins...googled my mail box for the log in and password...found it....logged in...You're seeing a pattern emerge here I'm guessing.

My point is, today the internet is bad because quite simply it is stopping me doing what I need to do. Having seen that my blogging efforts had not gone ignored by the general public (3 comments! woop!), I have unearthed a new interest in it.

As a result, my 4,000 word essay is still in the 'pre-production' stages and I am putting my efforts into writing this. And so I give you another irony of the situation - when I finish my essay, I am guaranteed at least 2 readers for my trouble: my tutor and the 2nd marker. Furthermore, I am guaranteed at least one comment, two if it is really that good, or really that bad and warrants a second opinion. (Three if it's so terribly awful or amazingly wonderful literary genius style work that its used as an exempleur for future students....eek. Pushing it a bit now.)

Yes, the internet is this amazing source of information that I quite frankly would find it hard to live without. Come on, who remembers the times when you were in year 6 or 7, homework was set 'find out about where elephants come from' and the whole class (bar Humphrey with the complete set of 20 Britannica Encyclopedia books on his shelf at home) would come in with the exact same print out of information and pictures from Encarta CD Rom. Fantastic - research at its best. Now it's a different story. I start off looking for book reviews and half an hour later I'm writing my own musings on a completely different subject. It's got to stop. I'm going to turn off my wireless internet on my laptop. And shut down outlook. Right after I check the message on facebook I just received. Then myspace, just in case.

Oh fuck it - I'm off to google elephants.

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